Favorite Android Apps – March 2017

Useful Android Apps for Network and Systems Admins

An updated list of my favorite Android apps. At the time of this post they are all free and none of them require a rooted device.

Termux – Terminal Emulator

Termux on play.google.com
Termux is a terminal emulator with multiple shells including bash and zsh. It allows for installation of quite a few packages.

Termux Android app

My go to quick start is:
apt update
apt upgrade
apt install coreutils wget tar less openssl openssh sslscan dnsutils vim mlocate htop python tmux nmap rsync php perl man tcpdump tracepath

To launch the built in webserver, use:
'php -S localhost:8000'
(where localhost is the IP of your phone, check first with ‘ifconfig | grep inet’).

I also highly recommend using Termux with the next app in the list, Hacker’s keyboard, as it allows for customization of your keyboard, and adds important keys that you might not use outside of a terminal.

Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker’s Keyboard gets you the keys you’re missing from the stock Android keyboard, as well as allowing for a highly customized configuration (size, layout, and much more).
Hacker's Keyboard Android App

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a RDP client for remotely accessing Windows hosts from your Android device.


JuiceSSH the best Android SSH client out there. Allows for saving sessions, quick font size change with the volume buttons, and much more.
JuiceSSH - techpain.com


LastPass Password Manager - techpain.com
LastPass is a cloud-based Password Manager that allows for easy access across devices.


AndFTP - techpain.com
AndFTP is a easy to use FTP client.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer is a well known remote access tool – Make sure to enable MFA/2FA on your account and use one of Duo or Authy, mentioned next in the list.

Teamviewer for Remote Control - techpain.com

MFA tools – Authy and Duo

Duo and Authy are multi-factor authentication apps for enhanced login security.
Authy on the Google Play store

Duo on the Google Play store


Discord is mostly known as “chat for gamers” but it is so easy to get up and running that it has quite a few other uses as well.


Cisco Technical Support

Cisco Technical Support is a easy way to keep up with your Cisco TAC cases or contracts.

Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer – pretty self explanatory.

Wifi Analyzer screenshot - techpain


Landroid is an app with a variety of network utilities – ping, traceroute, whois, dig, and a bunch more.

LanDroid screenshot - techpain.com


fing is great for getting info about hosts on your network.
fing Android app


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